Cartoune #21

Ici, un cartoune.


  1. juanmiguel dit :

    Lol, excellent!

  2. Rita dit :

    All things corsedined, this is a first class post

  3. see on the subpoena that it appears they refer to Obama as "Barrack Obama III." I thought he was "II." I hope that they clarify this if it is an error BEFORE they go to Hawaii. I don't want anything to spoil the potential celebration on August 8th!!!"If Fuddy duddy whines about this, then all Taitz has to do is walk over to the Hawaiian Federal District Court for another signed court subpoena to re-serve the DoH clowns likely on the same day.

  4. http://www./ dit :

    Interesting post. I agree about Yahoo focusing on strategic advantage.The big problem is they *should* have been able to be strong in search. That yahoo wasn’t able to get there truly seems insane and there’s just no excuse for it. To be dropping search in favor of yahoo finance, etc is shocking.Maybe it just speaks to Yahoo not having anyplace to go from here. Which would be a shame.

  5. http://www./ dit :

    Great interview – saved it as a favorite. Nice to see you mention Jenn in the interview. She's s terrific person – can't wait to read her book. I also recommend her blog to anyone that wants to learn, laugh or reflect when it comes to writing – takes pointers from her agent I suppose. Gotta go with Pitt this year – Hard to pick against my guys from Villanova but they're too small & can't match up down low. I'll go back to lurking now…..

  6. http://www./ dit :

    Silencia hat jetzt immerhin mal aufgehört, ständig nach PAPI! zu brüllen und zu fordern, dass wir JETZT! SOFORT! zu ihm nach Tübingen fahren sollen. Ilfiglio schläft hingegen seit einer guten halben Stunde.

  7. Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers! I can understand it, though – I love checking out your blog. You have the most amazing images and I really enjoy checking out what's here. I've been reading you since February and have enjoyed every post since!!! Blessings.

  8. I love scooters and always fancied a Lambretta. Down this way come the bank holidays you can often spot the mods on their way to the rallies on the coast, sitting by the side of the dual carriageway letting their scooters cool down!

  9. http://www./ dit :

    Very interesting post, I think a third person with multiple POV would work very well. in fact if I am going to read something with varying points of view I think third person would work very well for that.I write in whatever writes best for the story, I think, first person present does seem very popular at the moment. Very interesting!

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